Friday, September 28, 2007

Field Study

Got a great email this morning from a fellow student in the MBA program I'm working on. My cohort of 18 classmates and I are in our 2nd (and final) year of the program and are responsible for a Field Study. Field Study means we partner with an actual company to help them solve some real world problem.

The "great" part of the email was the idea that Brooke wants me to help her with. It involves a new eco-friendly/green/sustainable business that is being opened in town by a successful pair of local entrepreneurs. They need a little help with a business plan and we're going to assisst! I'm very excited because for the past few years I've realized that my dream job is to be an eco-architect. You know...designing sustainable architecture. I've been quite passionate about this, but not necessarily passionate enough to enroll in a 4-year degree program at this stage of my life. Though maybe I should. I dunno. Anyways, as a fallback I've also been interested in eco-entrepreneurship. This is something I could dedicate a large chunk of my life to and feel good about it, unlike many corporate jobs that do nothing for me spiritually.

So I'm psyched and looking forward to getting started. Hopefully this won't get shot down for any reason. I assume it has to be approved by the professor or something. But hopefully it'll give me some great experience in the green entrepreneurial realm and maybe I can meet some people to work with later on.

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