Monday, December 24, 2007

Amen to that

So yeah it's Christmas Eve and I'm laying on the couch listening to the 3 cds that showed up from Amazon today and reading the new Replacements book that also came. I think I heard Santa outside my door, but he passed me by because he didn't care so much for the LCD Soundsystem on my stereo. Also got me some Spoon and Mavis Staples.

But this quote from Paul Westerberg put me upright on the couch in front of the laptop to relay it to you. I guess I'm feeling at a bit of a mid-career re-examination, so this kinda quote is standing out more to me. Like the Lloyd Dobler quote the other day and have I raved about Three Cups of Tea yet? Cuz that's a phenomenal story, too, that makes a fella want to get busy livin'.

Anyways, heres Westerberg on the 'Mats circa 1986: "Our goal is to be the biggest, most natural thing that we are, and be as big as possible. We're just trying to be ourselves with as much gusto as we can."

Like I said: amen to that. And I wonder if that attitude helped form the root of the Twin Cities music scene. Most bands around here are pretty genuine and aren't looking to be famous. They just love making music and checking out other bands around town.

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