Saturday, December 22, 2007

Consumers vs. Citizens

Another terrific Bill Moyers' Journal this week. I've mentioned it here before and I continue to be impressed. I presume I'll keep mentioning it here until you set your DVR for it. In St. Paul it's on channel 2 Fridays at 9pm.

This week's topic: Consumerism. And again, my words can't do it justice, but this week's guest was political scientist Benjamin Barber. You might have also seen him on the Colbert Report.

A choice nugget:

"You go to L.A. today, you can buy 200 different kinds of automobiles, and then in that automobile, no matter which one, you can sit for hours not moving in traffic". The nugget is that a society based on consumerism allows you the choice of car. But a society built on citizenry and neighbors would also allow for efficient public transportation.

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