Monday, December 31, 2007

Good Week

It's been nice having the last week plus off from work and just being able to kick around. I've kept surprisingly busy, though, and haven't spent too many wasted hours on the couch (definitely some, though).

Christmas was busy as we had family gatherings on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday last week. It was fun seeing my niece (3 years old) and nephew (1) playing with new toys on Christmas morning.

Unfortunately the downer of the week was last Thursday which I spent with my dad at the hospital. He has some abnormal growth removed from his bladder. It was in its early stages and we'll know more when the biopsy comes back this week.

On the healthy front, I got out x-c skiing 4 times and decided to join a 8-week 5x per bootcamp at a newish little studio over at Minnehaha & 52nd. It starts Saturday and should make my life pretty hectic through February. But I'm looking forward to the intensity and hope to meet some new people (read: attractive single women). The x-c skiing is coming along quite well. I've skied at Como golf course twice, Battle Creek once and Elm Creek once. Elm Creek is way the hell out in Maple Grove, butwas crazy busy on Saturday afternoon with hundreds of folks out there tubing, snowboarding and skiing on a little bunny hill they have. Its always interesting to be introduced to these new environments that are packed with people, but which just don't really exist in my little city/condo/bus-riding world. The x-c was fairly crowded, but beautiful and I got in a nice workout.

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