Monday, December 10, 2007

What I'm Listening To

To partner with the post from last week of what's on my DVR, here's a list of my favorite podcasts. Note that they're pretty much all NPR shows. I've tried to listen to smaller producers, but haven't found anything that I liked. Even though there are thousands of people making their own little podcasts, I still feel like I require a certain level of professionalism and production value. Feel free to recommend any to me. And I'm not into the video podcasts, just the audio on my little pocket-sized nano.

The hour-long shows work well for me because they're 50 minutes in reality and that works out pretty well for my bus commute which is normally about 40 minutes door to door.

I've been trying to find a good green, eco-friendly, sustainable show, but haven't found anything I'm really excited with yet. The ones I've found all seem to be interview style by an amateur interviewer. Might not be too long until one of the major public radio domains steps up with something...or maybe they already have.

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