Sunday, January 13, 2008

Classic Rock Choose or Lose Challenge

Whenever you see me referencing classic rock radio stations (see previous post), you must know that something is up. And that something is the first ever Classic Rock Choose or Lose Challenge to be held next Friday morning while my friends and I are driving to Hibbing.

Here's the deal: Over the course of the past few days we held a draft via email where we each selected 20 song/artist combos. The goal is to see how many of them get played on classic rock juggernaut KQRS/KQDS during our drive up to Hibbing on Friday morning.

We'll tune in at 9:20 as Wally Walker begins 92 minutes of uninterrupted classic rock tracks. Uninterrupted, that is, except by his inane banter. For each song that is played, we'll compare it to our list of selections. If anybody has the song and artist nailed, he gets 3 points. If anybody has the artist but a different song, they score 1 point. Most points when we enter Hibbing city limits wins.

And what do we stand to win? Free drinking (and eating) that night at the bars of Hibbing and a piece of Hibbing hockey schwag valued at under $20. Fortunately for the losers, $1.50 tappers shouldn't add up too quickly.

So the first 92 minutes should be a smooth cruise down memory lane. I seriously haven't listened to KQ for more than 60 seconds at a time for the past 15 years. But what scares me is when the 92 minute music marathon is over the commercials will begin. And listening to radio commercials makes me want to kill myself.

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