Sunday, January 20, 2008

Some Drinking Implied

Friday in Hibbing. We couldn't find the overlook to the Hill Rust Mine which is the largest open pit iron ore mine in the world. But I think the overlook was closed for the season anyways. Most of the potential tourist options on the Iron Range were closed for the season, which makes a little sense considering it was in the -20s over the weekend. But we're hearty souls and were looking for stuff to do. Ended up with lunch at the Sportsmen's Cafe on Friday, then had a drink next door at the adjoining bar ($1.75 Miller Lite taps). Old Howard was under new ownership and a new name and menu, so we couldn't take up Eric's recommendation for it as the best spot in town for dinner (supper). But we did make to Mr. Nick's Corner Bar ($8 pitchers of Coors Light) and the Homer Bar ($8 pitchers of Bud Light), where we witnessed what I think was actually a wedding reception of sorts. Interesting.

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