Sunday, January 20, 2008

"Lorelei" Wins it for Dan

Well the first ever KQ Choose or Lose Challenge was won by my friend Dan on Friday morning's drive to Hibbing. He was the only one of us to correctly nail a song that was played by either KQRS or KQDS radio, when Styx's "Lorelei" blasted over the airways. Particularly funny because Mike and I thought that was among the lamer picks of the 60 songs selected. Shows what we knew.

This little game made the drive up more enjoyable, but also cemented in my mind why I never listen to commercial radio -- commercials! Oh my god. Wally Walker was supposed to play 92 minutes of commercial free classic rock beginning at 9:20 Friday morning. But he only played 74 minutes before the ads set in. Then KQ92's reception began to fade and we switched over to KQ95 out of Duluth where they proceeded to play usually only 1 song between commercials. You read that right. 3 minute song, 2 minutes of ads. Repeat. It drove me nuts.

And then every place we went around Hibbing was playing classic rock -- restaurants, gas stations, bars, hockey game. And suddenly my songs were being played all over the place. But, alas, it was too late. Dan picked out a nice long-sleeved Hibbing Bluejackets t-shirt from a local store and drank free $1.50 Coors Lights and Bud Lights all night like the champion that he is.


cheney said...

Congrats to Dan for winning AND for blowing away the over!

Anonymous said...

In receiving this honor, I'd like to first recognize and thank Dennis DeYoung. Without his creative genius I wouldn't be here. I'd also like to thank my sister who was responsible for me listening to "The Grand Illusion" every night at bedtime in 1977. Clearly, it all started there.