Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pics From Weekend

I love photos where you can tell how cold it is. These were taken on Friday night in Hibbing at the high school hockey game and Saturday afternoon in Duluth when it was between fifteen and twenty-five below zero. A bit chilly, but we were sensibly dressed. The Norwegians have a saying: there is no bad weather, only bad clothing.

Enger Tower in Duluth -- this has been my favorite place in the state the past few years, and I've spent some great Saturday afternoons hanging out here. Visit it up on Skyline Drive.

View of Duluth harbor from Enger Park. See the coldness? There was an amazing amount of steam coming off the lake all day. It was like you could actually see it transitioning from water to ice.

Lake Superior at Two Harbors. It was pretty windy here where we walked out on the breakwater. Coldest part of the weekend.

Hibbing Memorial Arena is the best high school hockey arena in the state. Beautiful old building with a great history. And of course the curling club is attached.

And here's the P.A. announcer and his vast collection of cassette tapes (mostly featuring classic rock) which he played between faceoffs. Notice not only the clean stacks in the foreground, but the delicately arranged collection to his left-front. And you though the cassette was dead.

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