Monday, March 17, 2008

Morning Routine

I have this practice that has been becoming routine where every Monday morning on the bus I listen to that week's podcast edition of Sound Opinions. Sound Opinions is my favorite NPR show and is out of Chicago. It features Gret Kot and Jim Derogatis, the Siskel & Ebert of rock 'n roll. If you're a fan of indie rock I highly recommend it.

Anyways, frequently they have a fantastic interview guest on who has made a great impression on quality rock music. This week it was producer Butch Vig. Last week it was Bob Mould. Neko Case. Mission of Burma. Arcade Fire. You get the picture. And each week as I get off the bus and start walking the few blocks toward the corporate job downtown I get in a total groove with some of this great music. It can be an absolute hight point of my day. But it's a total conundrum because I'm flyin' high with these awesome tunes fed directly into my inner ear, and have the impending obligation to go to my desk and start work.

This morning I just had to crank some Smashing Pumpkins after listening to Vig talk about his recording sessions with them. At that time there was nothing I wanted more in life than to be walking the streets of Mpls, snow falling, with "Drown" washing over me. Ahhh....

Sometimes I'll sit on a bench behind the building and continue to listen to a song or two or remainder of an interview before I head into the office. And as much as I want to keep the headphones on while going into the cafeteria to grab some breakfast and heading to my desk, it feels like something that is completely unacceptable in a business environment where I walk past people I know all the time. I might be smilingly greeting you in the morning as I walk in the back door, but let it be known that I'd much rather be ignoring you (well not you, but other people) and rockin' out in my own little world.

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