Saturday, March 15, 2008

Minnesota Corn

No, not this kind. This kind.

I went skiing at Welch Village today, the first time skiing in Minnesota in years. After spending time living and skiing out west, it's just not as exciting to ski around here. But I'm really glad I went. It turns out that Welch has the best skiing around the Twin Cities. It actually has some nice steep runs which were unexpected, but a pleasant surprise and a lot of fun to cruise. Mikko and I were there for first chair at 9am and it was a little icy this morning, but loosened up nicely after lunch into some nice corn (or as close as man made snow gets to corn).

It was sunny and in the 20s and 30s. A great day to be outside. Welch, MN is a cool little town, too, and the Cannon Valley bike trail runs right past the ski area. I'm looking forward to biking down there in a few weeks when the snow finally melts off the shaded areas of the trail.

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