Saturday, March 29, 2008


My boy, Pierre Marc Bouchard, threw down for the Wild tonight. He's the smallest guy on the team and has been a part of my Third Man In squad since draft day. Good to see him mix it up!

From Russo:
First of all, I want some props for this prognastication in my Jan. 21 entry:

Bouchard, one of these days, is going to fight Alexandre Burrows, I’m telling you. Every game those two quarrel, and if you read Bouchard’s quotes on Burrows in one of my stories back in November, you know he’s not a fan of Vancouver’s motormouth.

Who called it? Too bad I didn’t put my money where my mouth, uh, fingertips, are.

Little Pierre-Marc Bouchard threw em down tonight with his old pal, Alex Burrows. The two skate together during the summer, yet Bouchard hates the dude with a passion. One day I’ll figure out the exact reason, but here’s a quote from one of my stories last November.

“He runs around, he tries to hurt you, he talks a lot on the ice - too much,” said Bouchard, who is not friendly with Burrows despite skating together during the summer. “Sometimes he just says some stupid stuff and I know a lot of guys ask him to [fight] and he doesn’t want to go.”

So tonight, Burrows crosses the blue line in the third period with his team down 4-zip and spears Bouchard in the gut. He goes down in a heap, gets up and apparently slashes Burrows before dropping the gloves.

You’ll see all the quotes in my game story Saturday. But Burrows got a match for intent to injure, meaning he’ll probably be suspended. Bouchard got a slashing major, which means the league will review it.

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