Saturday, May 17, 2008


What day of the week is it? Saturday? Sunday? Because depending on what day of the week you ask me, I could tell you that Arcwelder is the greatest rock band of all time. Yesterday it might have been Afghan Whigs, but today it is Arcwelder. They were formative in the development of my appreciation of rock in the '90s and they continue to be a favorite.

Today I had the pleasure of seeing them live again, if only for 40 minutes, at Art-a-Whirl in Nordeast Minneapolis. I remember a year ago this weekend I was on a first date at Art-a-Whirl and I mentioned to my date that the music we heard faintly in the distance was Arcwelder. I think she thought I was crazy. And maybe I am, but I know my Arcwelder when I hear 'em. Just ask me about the show in 1992 at the Northfield Ballroom. They did a kickass cover of the Wings' "Jet".

Alas, there is not sufficient online documentation of their greatness for me to relate it to you here. But trust me. They rule. You know me. You know that I know music. See previous posts and trust me on this one.


Anonymous said...

I think my friend S was there as well. ArcWelder. I'll have to ask her about that..

How was Art-A-Whirl? I was sorry to miss out!

Kirk said...

Art-a-Whirl was fun, Spiro, but I didn't really find anything that wowed me this time (which is probably a good thing). A friend and I biked over, so that was fun. And I like cruising through and seeing all the varied styles of art, but 90% of it doesn't do much for me. When I stumble on the other 10% though, look out wallet!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, there is an immense amount of horrible art out there. This is why I never take my art out of my home--I'm terrified to be one of those people with crappy art that nobody wants to buy.