Sunday, May 11, 2008

Softrocks at Stasiu's

Stasiu's is a classic Nordeast Mpls bar and I was there with Mikko to see a couple bands we used to play shows with. The Softrocks were having a cd release party and Dallas Orbiter was opening for them, so we decided to check it out.

My band played with each of these bands back in the day. Three years ago, Dallas Orbiter was an up-and-coming space rock band with local critical approval while The Softrocks were a hard working group of twenty-two year olds trying to find their voice. The Softrocks were really good guys and they opened up for us once or twice. Tonight Dallas Orbiter was pretty decent, but their new stuff fell short of my expectations. Their highlights, for me, were the couple older tunes that I knew. But The Softrocks have come into their own. They have had some lineup changes, and are now a 3-piece with a new, kickass drummer. Captain Softrock, the charismatic frontman, has found his voice, too, and they really rocked.

After the show I made a point to talk to Captain Softrock. I feel like an old-timer and wanted to let him know I like the direction his band is moving in. I've bumped into him in the skyway a couple times over the past 3 years and exchanged pleasantries. But tonight I was sure to tell him how I feel he has improved and how I like their new drummer. It was great to see a band with whom I was familiar from their youth, now coming into their own. Hopefully they'll keep it up and hopefully it won't be another three years until I see them rock again.

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