Friday, May 16, 2008

Gen X: A Bridge, not a Barrier

I'm not one to complain too much about generational differences, but I was a bit surprised last year when a generational biographer of sorts came to my place of work and talked about the different generations and how they need to work together. What surprised me was how closely I related to the Gen X stereotypes she presented. I think they fit me to a "T". Most people don't like to be stereotyped or pigeonholed, but this one was tough for me to deny, I gotta admit.

Anyways, the reason for this post is only to link to this article which I found through this great blog. Check 'em both out. I like the article's tone and it was fun to read the angle about how Gen X was dealt the shaft as being defined as slackers because we didn't want to interact with the business world in the same way that the Baby Boomers did (amongst other things). But now Gen Y is being hailed for their inventiveness and everyone is being warned that they will have to change in order to adapt to the greatness of Gen Y.

Well it seems to me that Gen X was really the forefathers of this movement. We were the ones who started the change in the workplace and that were first really connected to computers and technology (the Walkman was revolutionary, man!), but the ones who start the change are always resisted. So now Gen Y is cruising in on our coattails. That's cool. Like, whatever. I'm glad I wasn't the baby on board.

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Anonymous said...

Being a very early representative of the Gen Ys, I have to argue that we are a bunch of self-involved, immature, ADD-ridden, multi-tasking, high-anxiety brats who have very high expectations of those around them, yet expect to give nothing in return.

So if the Gen Xs can put up with all of that to get to the inventiveness part, I'll love it. ;P

But seriously, it is fascinating how the generations view work and consumerism.