Thursday, May 15, 2008

Great Day on the Bike

Gorgeous day in the Twin Cities today. I think we hit 70 degrees for the first time and I enjoyed it by biking both ways to work with the fragrance of spring blossoms in the air. Ahhhhh.

Historically, I have mostly put my bike on the bus rack in the morning and then biked home in the evening. It's easier to not have to deal with getting sweaty and changing clothes and stuff. But I got inspired yesterday when I biked in to work for Bike Walk to Work Day as a part of the now greater Bike Walk Week, replacing the former B-BOP Day (bike, bus or carpool). I think I'll keep the hair short this summer and bike both ways more often. Hopefully I can pull it off with just a change of shirts.

Yesterday during my ride in I counted 65(!) other bicyclists on my 12-mile cruise from downtown St. Paul to downtown Mpls. via Summit Ave and the River Road. That's a lot of bikes. Normally on the rides home I notice 15-20 maybe. This morning, for comparison sake, I counted again to see how many were lured in by the special festivities in both downtowns yesterday morning. I counted 35, so a significant number of folks were encouraged to bike commute by the organized gatherings, which is great. Hopefully they enjoyed it and will do it again and again (but, of course, not so often as to make it more crowded for me).

Then, on my ride home this evening I had a classic Overheard in Mpls (St. Paul) moment. I submitted it, and its posted here.
Guy on souped up scooter to guy on normal scooter next to him at stoplight: This one lets me ride on that short stretch of 35E at 45 mph.
So that kept me chuckling for awhile. Then, as I pulled up to the stop sign on Summit at the top of Ramsey hill I caught up to the scooters again, but they turned right. And right behind them this guy sticks his head out of the passenger side of a nice, new, big, red pickup and cheerily says "Hi". I wasn't sure if he was someone I was supposed to recognize, but couldn't place him, so I replied with the same greeting. Then as they turned right down the hill he smiles and says "Been with ya since Cretin".

I kept up with traffic on Summit for about 4 of its 5 miles of length.

That's the story of my great day on the bike. Now I need to write a paper and try to watch as much of the hockey game as possible.

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