Monday, May 5, 2008

Next Travel Destination?

In a rough priority order by combination of desire and realistic expectation at this stage of my life:
  1. Biking French countryside - Maybe explore a couple different regions, including food and drink
  2. Amazon jungle eco-lodge - Peru got me fired up for the Amazon
  3. Ireland/Scotland - Two words: pub crawl
  4. New Zealand - Beautiful adventure travel opportunities
  5. Kenya/Tanzania/Kilimanjaro - Safari and climb Kilimanjaro
  6. Nepal/Bhutan/Tibet - Himalayas and buddhism
  7. SE Asia - Will need to hone in on one country at a time
  8. Austria/Switzerland - Mountain beauty
  9. Turkey - Why did Constantinople get the works?
  10. Kyrgyzstan/Tajikistan/Mongolia - Not exactly Asian, definitely not European
  11. Budapest - a classic
  12. Germany - I'd rather Oktoberfest than Carnival or Mardi Gras
  13. Paris - a classic
  14. London - a classic
  15. Australia - not real high on my list


Anonymous said...

16. Grand Forks.

Kirk said...

Already been to Grand Forks. My philosophy is that, as amazing as any one place can be, there are still so many others I'd like to see that it's difficult to justify going back.