Monday, May 26, 2008

Swede Hollow Walk

Yesterday morning I took one of my favorite walks up through Swede Hollow and ended up at a new restaurant called The Strip Club for breakfast. I intended to eat at the Swede Hollow Cafe, but they're not open on Sundays. I didn't expect The Strip Club to serve breakfast, but was just walking by it to check it out. The Logger's Tower breakfast consisting of 3 pancakes stacked with 3 intermingled layers of egg and ham was very good.

Swede Hollow is this great little gulch just east of downtown St. Paul that is now nicely connected via paved trails to Lowertown and the new Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary. 100 years ago it was the place where Swedish immigrants settled near the creek running along its bottom. But in the 1950s is had devolved into a slum and all the homes were torn down by the city. Today it is one of those great little urban oases with which not many people are familiar. I feel lucky to live in the city and have such amenities (in addition to the river) so close.

Swede Hollow Then
Swede Hollow Now

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Anonymous said...

Sounds so lovely! There's no way that breakfast could be bad!

Surprising that in two years of working in DT St. Paul that I never knew about that area.