Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Minnesota Style Pizza

So I'm not sure what sort of socio-culinary uprising it takes to anoint such a title, but I think greasy, thin crust, cut-into-squares pizza should be called Minnesota Style.

New Yorkers do it thin, but cut in triangles.
Chicagoans do it deep (again with the triangles).

Minnesotans do it like this:
(thanks to S4xton for the pics)

Carbone's (pic not me)

Pizza Flame

Moose on Monroe


Classic Pizza


Aaron said...

It's generally referred to as "Midwest-Style" pizza, but yeah, Minnesota sometimes I think has it's own flavor of it...

There's a controversial post over at Slice that breaks down the various pizza types around the country that's worth checking out too.

P.S. If you use my photography, per the creative commons license on them do you mind linking to the Flickr pages instead of the static images? Thanks, yo.

Kirk said...

Righteous. Sorry for the faux pas.