Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Evening Bicycle Commute

And here's my route home in the evening. It's slightly different than the morning route for a couple reasons. First, it was more the same around downtown Mpls until the bridge collapse last year. My bike route took me under the 35W bridge and I rode under it 1 hour before she went down, but had to adjust my route afterwards. And 1 hour really wasn't that close. One of my co-workers died on the bridge and I know of 2 other co-workers who were within 2 minutes of being on it.

So for a few more months I have to deal with more of downtown Mpls and can't just jump on the river road as early as I would like. Last year I biked down Washington Ave, took a left at Bullwinkle's and made my way across the U car/ped bridge. But the path along the east river road around the U is in horrible shape, and that coupled with Washington Ave and the traffic did not make for a pleasant start to the ride. This year I've adjusted and am enjoying the ride down 11th avenue to Franklin, through Seward and across the Franklin bridge.

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