Sunday, June 22, 2008

Song of the Day by New Pornographers

In 1986 televangelist Jimmy Swaggart called rock music "the new pornography". Today, the New Pornographers are a terrific pop-rock band from Vancouver and I caught them live for the first time yesterday at the Walker Art Center's Rock the Garden outdoor concert at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

Show was quite good, but lacked a bit because amazing singer Neko Case was unable to be a part of the band. She has a solo career, too, and is busy working on a new record. So that was a bit of a bummer, but the New Pornographers still write some of the catchiest songs around. It's not too often I find myself singing along to a song the first time I've heard it.

One of my favorite lines of all time is from a song of theirs called "The Slow Descent into Alcoholism":
My ever loosening grip
on the commonest courtesy slipped

Here's that example of their pop genius. Not sure if this is the official video or not.

Previously (and still) recommended songs:

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