Monday, June 2, 2008

Stanley Cup & Sleep

Nothing better than overtime playoff hockey! But don't they know its past my bed time?

I've just figured out how to go to bed early enough so that my alarm doesn't shock me awake in the morning. It's amazingly simple: Just go to bed 8.5 hours before I need to get up. My body tends to want 8 hours of sleep and that's about all it needs. A friend recently acquired this "alarm" clock that actually wakes you up slowly by slowly brightening a light that is meant to simulate dawn. So instead of awakening to the annoying BZZZZZZ of an alarm, you wake up more naturally. That's pretty cool. But I've realized that it's even better if you can just go to bed at a reasonable hour and awaken naturally after about 8 hours. Not always possible, of course, but recommended.

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