Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bicycle Myths & Facts

These are just a sampling of bicycling myths and facts from Roadguy blog in the Strib via the Mpls Police Dept:

MYTH: Bicyclists have to ride in the bike lane, or on a trail when provided.
FACT: Cyclists do not have to ride in a bike lane if it is not safe due to surface hazards and parked cars. Cyclists also do not have to ride on trails. Most Minneapolis trails have a speed limit of 10 mph. As a result, many bicyclists who want to travel faster use the road.

MYTH: Cars can drive as close as possible to a bike lane without entering it.
FACT: Passing cars must provide a minimum of three feet clearance from a bike at all times even when a bicyclist is in a designated bike lane.

MYTH: Bikes must use the street.
FACT: Cyclists may ride on sidewalks except in business districts or where posted. Studies have shown that it is often safer to ride on the street.


mikko said...

Hmmm any reason you left out the MYTH/FACT on cyclists being required by law to obey all vehicle traffic laws???

Kirk said...

I linked to it! I called out a couple that were easily copy/pasteable and that I figured people were less aware of. Everyone knows the one you mentioned. What am I, your personal valet? I am but one of many portals to the vast sea of information we call the intranets.

Anonymous said...

I never knew that about the sidewalks! Interesting. :)