Monday, July 7, 2008

Bike Ride: Luce Line

Mikko and I rode 60 miles round-trip along the Luce Line on Saturday. The trail is a crushed limestone trail that starts in Plymouth and we rode it 10 miles past Watertown to Winstead. It was a beautiful day, if a little hot, and once we got west of Wayzata there weren't too many people out. The trail was in good shape, though the farther west we got the more it tended to narrow and have grass sprouting up through the limestone.

The trail goes through the broad estates of the west metro, farm land, and past numerous lakes. It seemed like its a big snowmobile trail and continues west for another 30 miles or so to Cosmos, MN, but I'm not sure what sort of shape the trail is in for biking out there. It was pretty flat and nicely shaded and I recommend it, especially if you live on the west side of town.

Trail Rating: 7 out of 10

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