Thursday, July 3, 2008


I played golf this morning out at Baker National in Medina. Nice course. Aside from the annual company scramble golf outing, this is probably only the 3rd time I've played my own ball in the past 5+ years. Much of what turned me away from golf was the increasing popularity which led to more crowded courses, especially for guys like me who tend to only play on the weekends. I'm just not interested in spending an entire Saturday playing golf (5 hour round, commuting time there and back, etc.).

But this morning, a Thursday, we teed off at 7:09am. Done with 18 holes and lunch by noon. It was really nice. I played poorly, but the nice shots still were there on occasion and there was no competition or money on the line, so we played fast and loose. I didn't even keep score on the back 9.

Baker National is a terrific course, especially at $36. Each hole was completely independent and you could not see the neighboring fairways, and there were not the long walks between holes like you get on some of the newer, fancy, $90 courses.

Mark Twain may have called golf "a good walk spoiled", but for me a day on the links is about 3 things:
  1. hanging with friends
  2. enjoying the summer weather in MN
  3. a good walk

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE Baker National. Very soothing, and nice wildlife area. :)