Sunday, July 27, 2008

Minnesota Bridges: What's Going On?

What the heck is going on in MN with our bridges?

First there was the 35W collapse which has been well documented.
Then there was the deal in Duluth.
Then the problem in Stillwater.
Then the one in Moorhead last week.
And now on 35E at Maryland.


Samantha LeVan said...

It's not just Minnesota bridges. When most of these bridges were built, plans were not laid out for maintenance. Long term operation held less consideration than immediate outcome. However, most bridges were given a reasonable use lifespan and a significant number are now well past that. I used to live in Pittsburgh - a bridge capital, at least nationwide, if not worldwide (second to Venice?). We had many many problems with aged bridges on the verge of collapse. Such a sad state of repair and a danger to the citizens.

Kirk said...

Pittsburgh is a great town, especially for those of us who love rivers. Is the Clark Bar still there?

Samantha LeVan said...

You know I don't know if it is. Pittsburgh has a lot of good qualities and is working to become a tech hub instead of an industry hub. They just need to figure out how to fix the bridges so people can get back and forth safely.