Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Balanced Life

On my bike into work this morning I had an amazing run of luck with the stoplights. Westbound on Summit is downhill after Snelling, but there are many stoplights that normally impede my momentum. Today, however, I smoothed through all of them and was able to keep up a great pace onto the river road. It felt like the gods were smiling on me.

But that wasn't all. When I got to Riverside the same thing happened. There are a bunch of lights there, too, and normally I end up stopped at at least a couple of them, but not today. This was surely my day! Everything was going right and I could tell it was going to be a terrific day. These thoughts were actually running through my head, though only half-seriously.

Then I turned left off of Washington Ave downtown onto Portland. One block to 3rd street and I had another beautiful green light. Unfortunately, the pickup truck westbound on 3rd street must've thought he had nothing but green lights all day, too, because he had to stand on his brakes and screech his tires in order to avoid hitting me as he almost when through a solid red light. Missed me by a couple feet. I mumbled and grumbled as I biked the last few blocks to work, completely having forgotten my prior good green fortunes.

But that still wasn't all. This evening on the ride home going eastbound on Franklin through Seward some guy made a mid-block left turn right in front of me, never seeing me. He was going slow enough so I was able to stop, but it was then that I realized the tremendous balance of my day:

Good for the lights on Summit
Good for the lights on Riverside
Bad for the pickup truck that almost killed me
Bad for the piece-o-crap other car that almost killed me.

I guess I'm even.

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