Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What? No Dems?

So the Strib is reporting that Michelle Bachmann wants more oil drilling in the USA in order to stem the rising tide of gas prices. Fine. Whatever. I think all my bicycling posts lend a hint to where I stand on the whole gasoline thing. But what disturbed me was the second paragraph (shown below).

My concern: How come only Republicans went for a tour of the energy sites in CO and AK? Were only Republicans invited? Do all Democrats have their minds so stubbornly made up that they don't want to learn more or ask challenging questions? You'd think all involved on the pro-oil side would want to convince the Democrats of the benefits of more oil, wouldn't you? Michelle Bachmann didn't need a trip to AK to be won over.

Last paragraph is pretty funny, too.

Rep. Michele Bachmann says the United States needs to tap its energy reserves and that only Congress is standing in the way of making a dent in rising fuel costs.

Bachmann, R-Minn., held a conference call today after returning from a tour of energy sites in Colorado and Alaska with other Republican members of Congress.

She says Congress should open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, and allow for the expansion of oil exploration in other areas including Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota and off the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf of Mexico coasts.

Bachmann predicts that if the U.S. more thoroughly taps its own energy sources, gas prices could be cut in half. Other energy experts have disputed that projection.

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