Friday, August 1, 2008

100 Minute Run

Ahh, the beauty of a Friday off. I went for a run this morning and intended to do the ol' Warner Road to Indian Mounds Park loop (about 6 miles), but decided to turn off on a path that I always thought just went to a parking lot for this DNR equipment storage location. It turns out that path kinda followed the river down near Pig's Eye Lake to Battle Creek park.

It ended up being one of those great runs where you go exploring, maybe get a little bit lost, but feel good the whole way and end up staying out longer than planned.

Last summer I was first introduced to the wonders of Battle Creek park when I was training with the Finn Sisu x-c ski group. So I was excited this morning to stumble into it from the back door. Two weekends in a row now I've had fun connecting the dots between some St. Paul landmarks. And it's probably been a couple years since I've been out for an hour and 40 minutes.

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