Sunday, August 31, 2008

Welcome, Rich White Oligarchs

Well, the police state has officially descended on downtown St. Paul. I went for a walk today to check out the hubbub and they've got the mounted riot police parading about, fences erected all over downtown, choppers constantly circling, and Viet Nam looking river gunboats (sans obvious firepower) plying our lovely Ol' Man.

You've never seen so many blue blazers and khakis in St. Paul. It's like an Ordway crowd run amok. I did, however, spot George Snuffleupagus and I even think I spotted a black Republican, though that cannot be confirmed. There was a dude with a VOTE 4 JESUS sign, though.

But the highlight of the day was definitely hanging out on the beautifully revitalized Raspberry Island and seeing the waterfalls flowing at that new plaza along the river near the Science Museum. See pics below.

St. Paul cleans up pretty nice. Come check us out sometime.

Raspberry Island

St. Paul from Raspberry Island

Waterfalls on new plaza

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Spirophita said...

That's really nice! I saw them working on that back when I worked in St. Paul--it sure did turn out nicely. :)