Friday, October 10, 2008

Shopping Hell

So I've been considering buying a new pair of jeans for awhile now. What I was looking for seems so simple:

Darker blue jeans, otherwise normal, but:
  • Not boot cut
  • Not loose fit
  • No bullshit design on the back pocket
  • And fer godsakes, NOT PRE-FADED!
You'd be amazed at what a difficult chore this is. You see, the garment industry works on fashion cycles and Lord help you if you want to buy something that isn't in the style of the moment. Pre-faded is in. Bullshit design on the back pocket is in.

This is why I hate shopping so much and get the willies when I enter a mall. The culture therein represents all that I despise about American consumerism -- teenagers requiring clothes so they can fit in; crappy music blaring out of the "lifestyle" stores; spending money to cheer us up (which I admit to doing before); the idea that spending instead of saving is better for the economy; trinkets, baubles & crafts.

Department store blue jeans are strewn all about the men's floor so I was hunting through all the different display areas and experiencing continuous emotional ups and downs as I'd discover a new stash somewhere, only to be disappointed by its high degree of fashion.

Even though I made it out of this one alive, it's not because I actually found what I wanted. I caved and did the best I could. Everyone will think that my new jeans look nice, but that's just because they've been conditioned to believe that pretty much whatever is in fashion looks good. Looking back 10-30 years from any point in recent history makes it quite clear that this is not true.


mikko said...

Where did you go?

Dept store jeans have been "on trend" since we were in high school, this is nothing new.

Clearly someone in town is selling classic Levi's aren't they... Or are you a Lee's man?

Kirk said...

C'mon, man. You know me. I only ride on Wranglers.

Kristen said...

For old school Wrangler there are only two words: Fleet Farm.

For plain straight jeans, I've always liked Lands End... or is that a "lifestyle store"