Thursday, October 2, 2008

Song of the Day by Weezer

Going to the Weezer concert in St. Paul Friday night and their new single has been in my head all week. It's classic Weezer with their ever-present guitar sound. I've never seen Weezer before and just kind of got tickets with friends on a whim, but I'm really getting psyched for the show. Last night I was on YouTube devouring their videos, so after you click through to Pork & Beans, don't forget to check out other video gems like the Spike Jonze directed "Island in the Sun" and "Keep Fishin'" with the Muppets. The Pork & Beans video includes many YouTube stars including Tay Zonday and Miss Teen South Carolina (for real!).

Sing along to.....

WARNING: You're gonna want to put it on repeat. I dare you to listen to it only once.

Previously (and still) recommended songs:

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