Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Computer Repairman Opportunities

Last week I had a tragedy in threes:

1. Clutch went out on my car
2. Refrigerator crapped out
3. PC wouldn't boot up

I took the car in and it was fixed in a day ($570). Called the fridge repairman and had to schedule it 3 days out. Ended up spending $270 on a new computer for my fridge. Computer in the fridge. Who knew?

But the HP laptop computer is the real story here. Four weeks for "Geek" Squad to repair my laptop! How come the computer repair industry has not risen to the level of demand? In the past I've called around to Joe's Computer Repair type places and have not had good luck finding one that could (1) work on my type of computer, or (2) do it quickly. So I just took my laptop to Best Buy where I purchased it 15 months ago (with a 12 month warranty).

I asked the 21-year old girl behind the "Geek" Squad counter the very question posed in the prior paragraph. She didn't know. Then I asked if they shipped my laptop back to the manufacturer or something. She replied that they send it down to Louisville and don't really have a deal with UPS. So it takes 5-6 days to ship to Louisville and 5-6 days to ship back from Louisville. Brilliant!! Hire cheap "Geek" Squad labor in Louisville and then ship everything there via turtle. Just the vision that the Geek Squad founders based their enterprise on!

Anybody know of a better way to get a computer fixed? I'm slightly techy, but not real interested in reloading operating systems or anything like that.

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