Sunday, January 11, 2009

Best Breakfast in Town

Liz recently introduced me to a place we'd been meaning to go for months - the Clicquot Club Cafe in Seward. After dining there twice in the past 10 days, I deem it Best Breakfast in Town. I enjoy a great breakfast as much as all y'all, and tend to end up at the joints that serve the amazing (and filling) Tex Mex / Farmer's / Cajun, etc. But Clicquot Club steps above the fray with a far higher quality serving, my favorite being the Gorgonzola Fritatta. Simply beyond.

Gorgonzola Frittata $8.95
Spinach and Roasted Garlic Frittata eggs topped with melted Gorgonzola cheese, red onions, tomatoes, and smoked bacon. Served with roasted Potatoes and toasted baguette.

Everything is phenomenal, right down to the potatoes and bread. The prior week I fell in love with the Tex Mex at the Neighborhood Cafe on Selby at Snelling, but see myself going back to Clicquot Club again and again to explore the complete menu. In addition, the staff at Clicquot Club is terrific. And why wouldn't you enjoy your job when cranking out such masterful pieces.

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mikko said...


I'm going to Clicquot Club soon (not to mention I need to try the neighborhood cafe).

Put Jay's Cafe near the top of your list... two words. Pork Hash. They do dinner too.