Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Minneapolis a Top Biking City

So says Travel & Leisure magazine (via). But wait...the author of the article is Stephen Regenold, he of the Strib's occasional health & fitness article. Not sure if he lives here or freelances, but either way I think he has an accurate view of how great biking around the Twin Cities is.

Song of the Day by Dinosaur Jr.

What do you do when there's already another band called Dinosaur? Just become Dinosaur Jr., of course. Sonic legends are back with yet another critically acclaimed album. Check out the amusing first video from it here, or better yet, click through to the YouTubes and watch it in amazing full-screen high def glory!

"Over It" by Dinosaur Jr.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Playing Blitzhosen

I bought the new iPhone yesterday, 32G version, and had a blast playing with it last night. One cool new feature is voice recognition. You can call somebody or play a certain song just by saying it. In fact, one of the first things I did was accidentally put it in voice activation mode.

So after I got it synched up with iTunes, I went to test it out last night...

Kirk: "Play song by Replacements"
iPhone (in computerized female voice): "Playing Blitzhosen"
Kirk: "No, no..." [resetting voice activation to try again]
Kirk: "Play song by The Re-Place-Ments"
iPhone: "Playing Blitzhosen"

Probably the first and last time those 2 bands will be mixed up. Blitzhosen was a band that Gone Out Gone played a few shows with back in the day. They were pretty good, for a young band, but only put out one demo EP that I'm aware of. It has a couple good songs on it, but ain't no Replacements.