Monday, June 22, 2009

Playing Blitzhosen

I bought the new iPhone yesterday, 32G version, and had a blast playing with it last night. One cool new feature is voice recognition. You can call somebody or play a certain song just by saying it. In fact, one of the first things I did was accidentally put it in voice activation mode.

So after I got it synched up with iTunes, I went to test it out last night...

Kirk: "Play song by Replacements"
iPhone (in computerized female voice): "Playing Blitzhosen"
Kirk: "No, no..." [resetting voice activation to try again]
Kirk: "Play song by The Re-Place-Ments"
iPhone: "Playing Blitzhosen"

Probably the first and last time those 2 bands will be mixed up. Blitzhosen was a band that Gone Out Gone played a few shows with back in the day. They were pretty good, for a young band, but only put out one demo EP that I'm aware of. It has a couple good songs on it, but ain't no Replacements.

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Dan said...

I love Blitzhozen's classic, "I will stare."