Saturday, December 12, 2009

Grand Canyon Photos

Here are photos of my recent trip with Mikko to the Grand Canyon & Environs. Some of the pics also include Zion National Park, Grand Staircase / Escalante National Monument, Sedona, Las Vegas and other stuff 'round about those parts.

Click here for the full photo album

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lowertown on the Ups

More cool happenings down in Lowertown. In addition to the proposed St. Paul Saints stadium and the light rail, a couple new joints on Mears Park are opening as Mears continues to emerge as a legitimate nightspot.

This from the St. Paul Condo Blog
More interesting news coming out of Lowertown! A while back I posted about Bin Win Bar coming, and also some musings of a super secret night club/bar, well now it's got a name Club Louie (a sort of Dakota Jazz Club for this side of the river).

The real news is what is being proposed (Mark, you must be psychic). The Restaurant owners of the Bulldog, Barrio, Bin, and Louie are working behind the scenes to make an outdoor cafe along 6th Street, fronting Mears Park! The plan would be to eliminate the parking on 6th between Wacouta & Sibley. They would also ask Metro Transit that the stop be eliminated all together. They want to extend the side walk out into the bus lane to create an outdoor cafe. Something tells me the owners of Trattoria da Vinci is cursing their location now!

So far, reaction from a limited audience has been positive and from what I hear, they want to have this ready for the Spring/Summer patio season!

Next up for the plan is a hearing before the Development Review Committee of CapitolRiver Council on Tuesday morning (Dec 8th).


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