Saturday, June 26, 2010

Superior hiking trail journal

June 20-25, 2010

Day one. Silver bay to baptism river. First half had great vistas. Swam in bear lake. Struggle to find camp site in tettegouche and am covertly camping right beneath the falls. Awesome campsite. 11 miles.

Day two. Baptism river to Section 13. Cut short due to rain from 3:00 to 6:30. Great vistas incl. Fantasia and sawmill dome plus more. Saw bear pheasant deer. Awesome view after rain from atop section 13 cliffs. 9 miles.

Day three. Section 13 to east branch baptism river Wet in morning but great in afternoon. Swam at lillys island. A chorus of frogs at huge beaver dam in morning. Morning foggy but great wildflowers. 2nd night sleeping near running water. 13.5 miles.

Foggy a.m. wildflowers

Day four. East branch baptism river to west caribou river. 13 miles. Tough hilly day. Started out 0.7m in wrong direction. Doh! Great swim at cascade falls on manitou river. Rained a bit. Pheasant from prior day was maybe a grouse. Saw a couple more and heard drumming too. Sick of lowland forests and bogs. Want more vistas. Joined by an Outward Bound group of 9 at camp. Kids are diverse and are handling the rain really well. They seem to be getting along great too.

Day five. Caribou river gorge rest day. OB kids this morning were struggling with ancient water filter to fill 9 water bottles so i donated mine to Outward Bound. It'll save them 45 minutes every morning and they'll get more use out of it in the next three weeks than I would in three or more years. Felt good and they were appreciative.
Kickass waterfall massage in caribou river gorge. 70' waterfall that I could lay my back into and it felt so good.

Day six. More rain. Shuttle back to car.

Animals I saw:

  • 4 snakes
  • 1 bear
  • 1 deer
  • 3 grouse
  • Woodpeckers
  • Frogs
  • Red squirrels
  • 1 hawk


  • Fantasia overlook
  • Hiking above bean and bear lakes
  • Swimming at Lilly island in lake sonju, cascade falls in manitou river, caribou river huge falls with massage
  • Wildflowers including that three petaled purple one and the foggy field I took a photo of
  • Chorus of frogs at beaver dam
  • Bear sighting
  • Swooping raven
  • Sawmill Dome overlook of Finland
  • Woodpeckers at Crosby manitou park entrance
  • Poaching first night of camping beneath falls
  • Donating my new water purifier to Outward Bound
  • View from Section 13 cliffs after rainstorm
  • The book I read: best American travel writing 2009

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