Sunday, October 24, 2010

Skeleton Found in Lowertown

UPDATE: This was a fun hoax propagated by Black Dog Cafe to draw attention to their plight during the LRT construction. Got me! It did seem like that skeleton was buried a little shallow.

Check this out. During construction in Lowertown St. Paul for the light rail line the crew uncovered a skeleton outside the Black Dog Cafe right across the street from my condo.

I'm no astrologist, but it looks like a Loto Erectus to me -- a very rare find indeed!
Photo courtesy of @springboardarts.

Owly Images

Why Are Christians So Judgemental?

These guys have demonstrated another brilliant use of Google search as cultural barometer. Verify it for yourself, too.

Friday, October 22, 2010

30 Days (Mostly) No Booze Complete

The experiment has ended and it was a definite success, though not because I was completely dry for a month. My original goals of not drinking for a month were:

1. Be more healthy
2. Spend less money
3. Gauge the impact on my social life

Since I wasn't drinking I figured I might as well eat healthy, too, and I can report that I lost 8 pounds during the month. Estimated dollar savings is about $200, so both of those are significant numbers.

The downside I learned pretty quickly, however -- a hit on my social life. Good or bad, much of my social life involves hanging out at the bar with a friend or two. I love the atmosphere of dark bars and enjoy the conversation of friends. It was difficult to go through a weekend without feeling like I could go out at night and my strategy became to just be a hermit. Through limited contact with the outside world I could limit temptations.

When did I first break down? After surviving a work trip to Milwaukee (!) I broke down in Portland, OR. I didn't have to, but I was out with co-workers and it felt kind of inappropriate to be the one person not drinking. I'm sure that's psychologically a twisted reason, but it's how I felt. I did not, however, get drunk during the month. Took it pretty easy the 4 days I did drink.

So what did I learn?

I loved the healthy aspect and feel like I've gotten myself on a strong trend of eating healthier. I've found some new recipes which I think will stick with me for awhile. I also learned that drinking really is a social crutch for me and I'd like to learn how to broaden my socializing beyond the bar. Perhaps I'll join a knitting circle.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

30 Days No Booze

I'm at day 14 of going 30 days with no alcohol. I bet you're saying to yourself "now why would some crazy asshole go and pull a stunt like that?"

Coupla reasons.

First, I never would have even thought about it if I hadn't partaken last spring in 30 Days of Biking where the goal was for people to ride their bicycle every day for a month. It was a lot of fun and some guys made it a twitter happening labeled #30daysofbiking. I'm guessing there's a whole slew of other #30daysofwhatever going on, too.

But the alcohol one intrigued me for a couple more reasons, namely it's easier on my waistline and on my wallet to not drink so much. Plus, I'm just curious what it will be like to go a month without drinking and what affect it will have on my lifestyle.

Frankly, going out with the fellas for a few beers has become my primary mode of social interaction. Call it sad, but I really just enjoy hanging out in dimly lit bars with no more than 3 friends and enough to rock the jukebox all night long. Good times.

What's the verdict so far? I must say, it's been pretty easy except for a couple stressful days at work where I would have loved a few beers at the end of the day. And weekend nights have been kinda weird -- I've been watching a lot more movies. It's definitely been good for my waistline and my wallet, but my social life is taking a serious hit. I'll continue out the month without a whole lot of difficulty, but I'm not sure I'll need to do it again.

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