Wednesday, October 6, 2010

30 Days No Booze

I'm at day 14 of going 30 days with no alcohol. I bet you're saying to yourself "now why would some crazy asshole go and pull a stunt like that?"

Coupla reasons.

First, I never would have even thought about it if I hadn't partaken last spring in 30 Days of Biking where the goal was for people to ride their bicycle every day for a month. It was a lot of fun and some guys made it a twitter happening labeled #30daysofbiking. I'm guessing there's a whole slew of other #30daysofwhatever going on, too.

But the alcohol one intrigued me for a couple more reasons, namely it's easier on my waistline and on my wallet to not drink so much. Plus, I'm just curious what it will be like to go a month without drinking and what affect it will have on my lifestyle.

Frankly, going out with the fellas for a few beers has become my primary mode of social interaction. Call it sad, but I really just enjoy hanging out in dimly lit bars with no more than 3 friends and enough to rock the jukebox all night long. Good times.

What's the verdict so far? I must say, it's been pretty easy except for a couple stressful days at work where I would have loved a few beers at the end of the day. And weekend nights have been kinda weird -- I've been watching a lot more movies. It's definitely been good for my waistline and my wallet, but my social life is taking a serious hit. I'll continue out the month without a whole lot of difficulty, but I'm not sure I'll need to do it again.

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Anonymous said...

You win... I lose.... Day 14, Mikko.

I'll get back on board for the rest of the month after my two days of non-compliance on the road in Houston.

TinaD said...

How's it going? #30daysnobooze