Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day Zero

I'm all packed and ready to go, leaving on a 6am flight tomorrow to Chicago, then Seoul, then Bali. Much to my surprise, I can actually catch the 54 bus at 4:10am to get me to the airport in time for my flight. Gotta love that public transit system.

All my stuff is packed into a carry-on sized backpack, so it'll be nice to know that everything will make the trip with me and also nice to have a light load. Included is an even smaller satchel-sized pack for short day trips or carrying stuff to the beach.

Today was the last of my 3 days of SCUBA dive training, too. We got to practice the backward roll into the pool, but I was disappointed they didn't teach everyone what SCUBA stands for. I guess it doesn't really matter anymore, but its one of those bits of trivia I've been carrying around forever.  Today we were in the deep end and even at only 12' deep, the whole process of descending, ascending and just hanging out takes a little getting used to.  One woman in my class had lots of trouble getting comfortable with even the simplest of skills underwater. I'll still have to do 4 open water dives in Indonesia before I'm 100% certified, however.

So here we go.

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Sarah said...

safe travels and amazing adventures!! looking forward to following...