Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Long First Day to Bali

Yesterday lasted 45 hours.

It began at 4am Monday morning as I walked to the bus in Lowertown St. Paul, MN USA. I walked past that really big guy from the Bulldog bar having a smoke on the corner of 6th & Wacouta after his closing shift Sunday night -- a rare encounter with the nocturnal.

It ended near 1am Wednesday morning after a taxi from the airport to my hotel at Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia where the Aussie tourists were just heading out to the nightclubs and discotheques.

I awoke this morning to monkey calls at 5:30 and am hopeful I can get through the day with limited jet lag. It's 6am now and it's raining as I sit in the lush green gardens of my hotel writing this. It's a serious tropical downpour, but I did choose to travel in the wet season after all.

When I arrived at Un's Hotel I had a bit of an "oh shit" moment where it hit home that I'd be spending the next month solo in a developing nation where it often feels like the job of the locals is to separate me from my money. But I quickly remembered my zen pledge to just enjoy each moment and appreciate every experience. Ahh, my first tropical downpour! It's actually generating a cool breeze through the covered lanai on which I sit that seems to have helped disperse my old Minnesota nemesis, the mosquito.

Today's plan: Take a good long walk around the Kuta beach region to scope it all out - beach, bars, restaurants, surfing, tourist infrastructure, etc. I don't plan on staying here long but hope to do some surfing.

Technical Note: Having cell phone connection troubles even though I paid for the International plan from AT&T so I may not have that easy txt msg access as previously thought. Plenty of internet cafes in this part of the country, at least.

Air Travel
Flights went well. From Chicago to Seoul we had the personal video screens so I watched 4 movies - Get Low (pretty decent); All is Faire in Love (fun mockery of Renaissance Fairs); Toy Story 3 (very nicely done again); Eat, Pray, Love (it was horrible but I figured I should be familiar with it).


Karin said...

Glad you made it safe! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Keep the updates coming, Kirk.

Hope your self-contained underwater breathing apparatus adventures go well! -Dan

Michele Durkin said...

I like your zen philosophy.... enjoy every minute. It bites here right now in the freezing temps :)

Kirk said...

High temp in Bali: 88
Low temp in Bali: 78

Every day. All year. It rarely strays by more than 1 degree in either direction.

Sleeping under a ceiling fan is working out great so far.