Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Black Manta

It was only the other day that I fully understood the difference between a stingray and a manta ray. A stingray is about 20" in diameter and a manta ray 20'. Today all my scuba lessons culminated in an epic dive amongst manta rays. It was amazing! We sat on the ocean floor and they flew around us for 20 minutes. I had no idea they were so huge and they're gloriously graceful, too. One of the highlights of the trip so far and I'm guessing it's spoiled diving for me on my first official licensed dive ever. The half-dozen turtles and colorful coral we saw on the next dive were like squirrels grazing on a park lawn. Ho-hum. Boring. I'm so over turtles now. Mantas!! I think the only things that can top mantas are whales and whale sharks.

Manta Ray

Black Manta (second from left)
Tomorrow morning I leave for Sumatra and jungle trekking with the orangutans & elephants. Sumatra is the size of California and is the northernmost island in Indonesia. I'll be on the northern half of it and am unsure of the internet connectivity so there may be a break in the posts.

Gotta go urban jungle trek to the ATM, grab some dinner and pack.  Goodnite.


Sarah said...

super awesome.

bbrown said...

Amazing, Kirk!

Karin said...

So cool! 20'!! That's crazy, I had no idea :)

M said...

Black Manta sightings are cool... but they're no Solomon Grundy :)