Monday, December 13, 2010

Dragon Sighting

Monday, 12/13
2:31 pm
Day 3 of 3 on the boat

Day three on the boat has been an absolute pleasure. We awoke this morning to smooth seas and scores of islands punching through the horizon. Beautiful!

For two hours we hiked on Komodo island in search of dragons and we found 'em. Komodo dragons live a solitary life and once a week (or is it once a month...different guides said different things) they eat a deer or pig, but the rest of the time they are faily lazy so the ones we saw were just lounging around. They're impressive - ' long weighing 200 pounds and with claws and teeth you wouldn't want to mess with. It was a nice guided hike with a little bushwhacking that made it feel more adventurous. The dragons are all wild so it was kind of like going whale watching in that there were no guarantees that we'd see some. But with over 1,000 dragons on the island the odds were pretty good.

After that we snorkeled and swam including off the mast of the boat 15' into the ocean below. I think it was Roman the Austrian extreme sports guy who started the diving, but nearly everyone jumped from at least 10', a testament to the sort of people (young & old) who seek out these sort of travels.

Today really made this 3-day boat journey worth it and the sunset from the veranda of my hotel room in Labuanbajo is the honey on the banana pancake.

Sunset over harbor & archipelago

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