Monday, December 13, 2010

Feeding the Fishes

Sunday, 12/12
Day 2 of 3 on the boat

The boat is moving again! Last night the seas were a little rough and this morning the boat was experiencing electrical problems with the battery.

It's been six hours since we could tell something was wrong and we got a creepingly slow tow from a rather sickly looking local boat. Fourteen of our twenty-two passengers had gone ashore to swim and snorkel in an island lake and eight of us were left on the boat as we pulled anchor and drifted into rougher waters. Another woman and myself joined the sea legs club by feeding the fishes, as they say, before our tow got us back into calmer waters two hours later.

Our boat as seen from our dinghy

The battery appears to be fully charged now and we will be on Komodo island in sixteen hours, hopefully about the time we all wake up Monday morning.

Last night, our first on the boat, I didn't sleep well due to the constant rolling of the boat and my steamy hot cabin, but at least the dramamine worked. Others who paid $60 less than me and slept on the deck weren't as lucky -- they got a little wet from the rain and waves washing through the mostly sealed outer doors and windows. All survived, though, and at no time was there any actual danger.

I've met some more great people on this boat - Oliver's German friends Christian, Leonard & Business; an Austrian outdoor adventure guide named Roman; and Troels, a Dane whose been in D.C. and Haiti the past 3 years working for an NGO and is now off to the Congo to work for the U.N.

Island bonfire night 1 of boat trip

The cabin I paid an extra $60 for is just a hair over 4'x6' and I share it with a sixysomething Londoner named Ian. Ian is the sort who awoke this morning and proclaimed it the best sleep of his life! after everyone else complained of how bad it was. He seems to fancy himself quite the intrepid British explorer like those of yore.

How am I feeling? A tad green from the motion, but otherwise well. Mostly I'm just ready to be on Komodo and then Flores islands to put this boat adventure behind me. 22 people plus 8 crew on a 60' boat is a little more cozy than I would prefer. When dinner is served tonight I will likely supplement it with some comfort food like Diet Coke & Ritz crackers which are both available on board.

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