Friday, December 10, 2010

I Saw a Turtle!

Today is my last day on Gili Trawangan and tomorrow I set sail for 3 days to the islands of Komodo and Flores where I'm guessing the internet access will be limited. Joining me on this 3-day trip are Oliver and a friend of his from Germany who was surfing with him in Bali the past couple weeks. There are over 20 people on the trip and I'm really really hoping I don't get seasick.

I wanted to throw up a picture of me and Enny, my hostess, though. She normally smiles all the time but chose the serious look for the photo. When I asked her for the photo she immediately moved the breakfast table to proudly display it in the picture. Very cute.
Kirk & Enny

Gesa, Oliver & I went snorkeling today and I finally saw a turtle! Very exciting. It was probably 4 feet long and was hanging out near the bottom in about 12 feet of water. Then it started slowly swimming up to the surface where it grabbed a breath and then wandered off. Hopefully next up are whales, sharks, dolphins & manta rays. These next two photos were taken at lunch on the island Gili Air, the smallest of the 3 Gili islands.
Gesa & Oliver

Lunch. Spicy bbq chicken. So good.

Bought shampoo today and that'll feel good on the hair tonight. I traveled here with only 1 carry-on bag and my quart-sized baggie for liquids filled up with other stuff, hence no shampoo.


Rik said...

kirk i'm enjoying your blog. new coach. jerry kill fron northern ill. gophers are 2-1 since the tourney.

Dan D said...

Cool on the turtle. There's something about seeing a really cool/semi-exotic animal in its environment that (for me at least) is somewhat like a religious experience. But careful what you wish for on the sharks.

Food looks great!

Sarah said...

i want your lunch.

M said...

You're in a good place...

+ Top 5 snowstorm blizzard (check, 23 inches of snow in St Paul... good thing you have the ramp)

+ Metrodome roof collapses, vikes/giants have to play in De-troilet, Wilfs rejoice.. expecting MN to get their head out of their a$$ on a new stadium (check)

+ -20 to -15 below tonight. 85 sounds lovely.

M said...

Oh yeah... I watered your plants at the condo on Friday before "snOwMG" hit. (my fav new twitter descriptor for the storm)

Dan D said...

Buuuuut....what M leaves out is that he and I will be hangin out with Dino Ciccarelli on Thursday prior to the Wild game.

OK, maybe 'hangin' out" isn't the best expression, given it's Dino.