Monday, December 6, 2010

Island Hopping

I don't have much time this morning before my first ever scuba dive, but I'll give a quick update. Yesterday (Monday) was a travel day from Bali to a small island just to the east called Gili Trawangan (it's the largest of the 3 little islands in the pic in the prior posting). There's a little strip here about 1km long filled with dive shops, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, & lodging. It rained much of the day yesterday but I was on a 4-hour ferry ride and multiple buses so that didn't matter much. It's beautiful today, though.

I met a couple Germans on the bus yesterday morning, Oliver & Gesa. They are not traveling together, but we hit it off yesterday and had fun last night talking politics and learning more about each others homeland. I will likely do my 4 final certification scuba dives here today and tomorrow and then leave with Oliver for the islands to the east of here, Komodo & Flores.

On Sunday I went for a bicycle ride in the countryside and ended up going for a guided hike along the Ayung river. Saw the following growing in the wild: pineapple, banana, tapioca, vanilla, cacao, mimosa, ginger.

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Sarah said...

ah, such vegetation! can't wait to hear about your diving experiences. i love solo travel for all the people you meet along the way!