Monday, December 20, 2010


We rounded a bend in the jungle trail and there she was, just hangin' around practically right over the trail with a baby on board. It was a pretty sweet way to see my first orangutan in the wild. The next 2 days would only get better with the sighting of 9 more including one big ol' fella who was practically as large as a gorilla.

Six of us were on this trek with our guide Indrah and we got an amazing introduction to our local cousins. We hiked 3 or 4 very hilly miles through a rubber plantation and into Gunung Leuser National Park, ending at a beautiful campsite tucked inside a near horseshoe bend in the river that we would raft back into town the next day. Our guides were terrific and made us some of the more tasty meals I've had here. It was another awesome wildlife experience similar to the manta ray.

When I arrived in Sumatra last Thursday night I met a couple other solo travelers at the hostel -- Mark from Ireland and Simona from Switzerland. They were going on the same orangutan trek and we've continued traveling together to the city of Berstagi where tomorrow we will hike a volcano. Also on the orangutan trek was Antti from Finland and I think we'll see him again later this week at Lake Toba for Christmas.

I've been writing this post amongst a dozen 8-year old boys who are playing video games immediately next to me in the internet cafe. One of them is sitting beside me practicing his English by reading along, so I tried not to use too many curse words this time.

That's all I got right now.  See you next week when I'm back stateside.


Karin said...

Finn is not so sure you sure be hiking a volcano "it's too hot, he would need some water and some for his feet too" :) Enjoy your last week!

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