Friday, December 3, 2010

Raiders of the Lost Monkey Forest

The sign at the entrance to the Monkey Forest reads: "If the monkey jumps on you, stand still and walk away slowly".

Beautiful morning in Ubud hanging at the Monkey Forest. Its temples and statues are right out of "Raiders of the Lost Ark". Very cool. Mmmm...those dates look mighty tasty...

Ubud is the center of all things centered in Bali - yoga, herbal remedies, organic cooking, reflexology, etc. It's also well centered geographically to be the launching point for a number of adventures - hiking, biking, river rafting, volcano climbing, temple trekking, etc. I think I'll stay for a few more days and check some of 'em out.

This morning I borrowed a bicycle from the place I'm staying and had a fun ride, maybe a 10K loop out around town. Tomorrow I'm off on a guided mountain bike ride that's more about the cultural experience than the biking. It'll be fun to get a little exercise while seeing the countryside, even though we'll be making scheduled stops along the way where I'm sure folks will be trying to sell us stuff. We'll start by being driven to the top of a volcano that has a lake inside its crater and then ride back down into town from there. The crater lake is supposed to be stunning.

A local museum had some paintings that highlighted the local rivers quite dramatically, too, so I'm scoping out a river rafting trip. It's a little on the spendy side, though, so we'll see.

Oh, and one of these days I'll remember my camera USB connector and see if I can get a couple photos up on here.


Anonymous said...

Please, no photos of you slapping a monkey in the forest.

M said...

Have you found the best joint with monkey brains on the half skull (a la Temple of Doom) yet?,r:9,s:0

Jean said...

Kirk, I am most interested in following your adventures as Anne and I were in Bali back in 2002. It is lush! We stayed on Sanur Beach and visited Ubud, the volcano, the Elephant Cave, etc. Watching a Hindu funeral procession was one of my most indelible memories. We were only there for about 5 days. Your writings make great reading. Enjoy, stay well, and keep writing!