Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Star Treatment

Tuesday, 12/21
6:34 pm

I felt like a celebrity today. It started this morning when Thomas (Deutsch), Simona (Suisse) and I went for a walk up a nearby hill that affords a great view of the two neighboring volcanoes. We were accosted by a group of 20 Indonesian tourists from northern Sumatra who wanted their picture taken with the funny looking white people. We smiled and played along as they exchanged places and cameras so almost everyong got their turn with us. That was kind of weird.

Minutes later we stopped for coffee & water at the top of the hill and sat down at a table and chairs made entirely from old tires. Very cool and far more comfortable than the 90-degree angled bamboo chairs we'd been used to. When the owner of the cafe heard I was from America he first pointed out the U.S. Air Force hat on his head, and then minutes later pulled up in his tricked out 40-year old U.S. Army issue Jeep (in which he was kind enough to give us a ride back down into town).

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